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Ein Überblick über die Sportwetten Strategie


The runner is a well-known strategy in sports betting. Almost all Wettingen fall back on its use. First you need to understand what the runner’s strategy is. The player bets on the interval between two opposite outcomes of the same type, with hits guaranteeing the player to win both bets placed.

This strategy is very popular and often used. Like other sports betting strategies, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Having considered in more detail the specific examples with its use and having studied the basic rules of its operation, it will be easier to understand the principle of its operation.

Each strategy aims to win, but does not exclude mistakes and losses. Runner strategy was first used in basketball match betting and is now used in many other sports. It is important to have accounts with multiple reputable bookmakers like TonyBet app to be able to place multiple bets at the same time. You can choose options with cheaper odds. The strategy involves betting on handicaps and totals.

Description of the strategy

„Runner“ implies different bets on different bookmakers. The strategy is an example of a double benefit. It is suitable for those who have a good understanding of a particular game, the possible outcomes it contains and what scenario is most likely to unfold. It is recommended to wager the jackpot in live mode, which allows you to choose higher odds and get a bigger payout. There are times when a corridor can be built before the game even starts, which isn’t impossible.

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Choose a sport where a variety of totals and handicaps are possible. The strategy was designed to do just that. It was originally used in basketball games, but has gradually found application in other sports. These include tennis, hockey, soccer and volleyball. Other sports are not suitable due to the lower handicap range, fewer goals are scored. Sometimes the strategy is applicable to baseball and badminton.

After you have decided on the sport, proceed to the game selection. It is important to know the form and level of play of the opponents well. It doesn’t need a favorite or an outsider in the game, it’s important to imagine how the teams fared in different game situations. It is necessary to watch the game and take the time to study the teams‘ previous games in order to better understand their style of play. When controlling the composition, the mood in the team is important to predict the future strategy.

Total choice and handicap, with the choice of these values ​​begins the revealing of the essence of the strategy. The choice depends on the current situation on the field.

„Total“ Betting Market

The term „total“ in sports betting means the sum of the social indicators. In football, this will be the sum of red and yellow cards. There is a total, which takes into account the points of all participants, and a single total, which takes into account the results of a single player. The hardest type to understand is the Asian total.

„Runner“ with total is suitable if you can see the online odds of different bookmakers. Bets are placed on two bookmakers. In one, the jackpot is set to a total of over 3.5, in the other to a total of 5.5. A score of 4 to 5 is good, which is a runner. If the result is 3 or 6, you can only win one bet. The player’s goal is to find a match with a suitable bishop.

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When betting on the total, pay attention to the form of the teams, the importance of the game, study past games to determine your playing style face to face. For example, an underdog may show good results in an important game and see the prospects that victory will bring him. Games with strong combat and a more aggressive style of play are characteristic of serious opponents. Learn the rules for calculating bookmaker totals, e.g. B. Taking into account a player’s yellow cards.

Handicap Betting

In sports betting, the term „handicap“ means to a certain extent the conditional superiority of one of the teams. This applies to many sports. In football, for example, it can be a handicap on yellow cards, corner kicks and ice hockey, the number of goals scored or overtime. The handicap opens up new options in games with an obvious outcome and gives you the opportunity to win by hitting a jackpot given a certain advantage of the weaker team.

There are Asian and European flaws. Asia allows fractions and returns, while Europe is whole numbers only and doesn’t offer a return option. Russians are or closer to Europeans than to Asians. Depending on the type, it can be positive, negative and zero. A generated advantage is usually awarded to a weaker team. If the handicap is +2.5 and the strong opponent wins by a minimum difference of one point, the bet is considered valid. The negative handicap, on the other hand, is assigned to the top favorite team, and even with a landslide win aside, the player gets a win. The zero handicap assumes a win if the team on which the jackpot is wagered wins. In case of a tie, the money will be refunded.

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